S.Mathurajothi & J.Abraham

 The aim of the study is to assess whether the development in information communication technologies have any influence among the women library professionals’ in their professional carrier development. Out of the 150 questionnaire distributed 123 were received and the response rate is 82.0%. The view on ICT has an association with three factors such as Purpose, Utility and Barriers. These three factors put together will enhance the use of ICT. In this study nearly 29 variables under these three broad categories were considered. The reliability test using Cranbach’s alpha (α) indicates that all the three category thus taken up for the study were acceptable  since the Alpha value works out to  more than 0.7114. The purpose of use of ICT by the women professionals were information storage, file sharing and information retrieval. The women professionals were indicated “To keep in touch with old friends”; “Get to know someone” and “Help to update the knowledge” has the first three preferences.  Lack of scope for library professionals due to ICT applications; No support from administration in training library professionals; and Lack of infrastructure were indicated has barriers.

Keywords: Use of ICT, perception on ICT; Women perception on ICT, Women LIS profession, Utility of  ICT; Purpose of ICT.

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