Understanding the Users EIT Library services and Instructions

Murali Budumuru & Simhachalam Terli

We have to study about this paper how to instruct and guideline to the fresh man users students and staff members to access the library resources in words of print materials and non- print materials with using the some retrieval tools like cataloguing, classification, indexing and using any software applications online or offline software applications and access of digital information in our EIT Library. Library instruction deals with the overall instructions of how the users use the library resources. It consists of different guidance that lead users to easy access and retrieval of the effective information .In our EIT library, most of the users are not aware of the library instruction which are sated, so in order to solve this problem, our research will be conducted to the title of user understanding on library instruction in our EIT library.

Keywords: EIT Library, users, Library Resources, Services

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