Survey on Information Literacy skills among Librarians of Medical Colleges, Karnataka

Vijaya Tauro M & Gopakumar V.

Information Literacy (IL) is an area of interest to librarians and information professionals and it is pivotal to the pursuit of lifelong learning process.  Information Literacy is common to all disciplines to environments and to all levels of education. The present study is an attempt to know the information literacy competence of the librarians of medical colleges. This study reveals the information literacy skills of Medical College Librarians affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka.  It also examines the association between Librarian’s information literacy skills and their knowledge of using database as well as their overall performance in their college library. A major finding of the study is that information literacy skills were positively correlated with both librarians and library user’s service. The findings of this study call for well integrated library instruction programs and services to improve librarian information literacy skills and will help librarians better understand the correlation between student information literacy skills. The ultimate goal of the study was to improve information literacy instruction and library services in order to align library teaching and services more closely with the General Education goals for developing student critical thinking and written communication skills.

Keywords: Information, Information Literacy, Information skills, Information retrieval etc.