Scientometric Profile of Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine Research in India with reference to Web of Science (WoS) citation database during 2007 -2016

Chaman Sab M , Dharani Kumar P & B. S. Biradar

Objective: This study analyzes the research activities of India in Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine Research during 2007–2016, based on the total publication output, its growth rate, quality of papers published and rank of India in the global context. Patterns of international collaborative research output and the major partner countries of India are also discussed. This study also evaluates the research performance of different types of research institutes, universities and research foundations and the characteristics of published literature in Indian and foreign journals. It also analyzes the medical research output by disease and organs. Materials and Methods: The publication data on Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine has been retrieved by using Web of Science (WoS) database. Results: total number of 2934 publications as indexed in web of science database during 2007-2016. The results show that there insignificant growth in Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine literature published from India. It may be researcher, institutions or India’s collaboration with other countries, in all aspects considerable growth can be observed Conclusion: High quality research in India is grossly inadequate and requires strategic planning, investment and resource support. There is also a need to improve the existing dental education system, which should foster research culture.

Key words: Scientometrics  Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine Research, India, publication output,