Scientometric Analysis of the Journal “Green Chemistry”

P. Krishnan & C. Baskaran

 The  Study is to examine the Journal  “ Green Chemistry”  during  1999 – 2017. The study covers 19 years. The research coverage includes the Year wise Distribution of Articles, Authorship pattern, Type of document, Growth Ratio, Relative Growth Rate and Country wise Distribution. This paper critically analyses 5703 articles published in the Green Chemistry Journal. The maximum articles 568 were published in the year 2016 and the minimum 46 in the year 1999. In the authorship pattern, the maximum articles 1084 were published by four authors. The RGR in the starting year 2000 is 0.71 and 0.12 in the last year 2017. The Doubling time in the starting year 2000 was 0.98 and in the last year 2017 was 5.96. In the Country wise distribution of articles, the major contribution was from China 1381 (19.25%).


Keywords:  Scientometric, Green Chemistry, Authorship pattern, Growth Ratio, Document Type