Roles of the School Library in Education of Nigerian Child

Solomon Olusegun Oyetola & Gboyega Adio

The education of Nigerian child is crucial to the development of Nigeria as a nation, as a result of this, library services is very germane for the Nigerian child as education itself. The school library will bring out the best out of these children when they cultivate the habit of using library resources at their primary and post primary levels of education. The aim of UBE in promoting literacy in Nigeria is a significant improvement to assist our children when there are adequate library resources and librarians are trained to man the libraries. Both the students and teachers need a well equipped library and the expertise of librarians to succeed. This paper examined the roles of school libraries as well as children education. It revealed that without qualified librarians, the aforementioned roles of the library cannot be achieved. It therefore suggested that competent, effective and well trained library staff is the key to good library services. While appreciating the unflinching support and the capabilities of school library the author posited some recommendations for the government, parent and relatives, library boards, philanthropic organisations, authors and writers, who are interested in Nigeria children’s reading habit to adequately equipped them for their further roles as nation builders.

Keywords –  School Library; Library Services; Children Education; Librarians; Nigeria.

DOI : 10.26761/IJRLS.6.1.2020.1310        DOI URL:


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