Reference Management TOOLS: A special reference to Endnote in R & D Libraries

Kalikadevi G Badiger, Mallikarjuna Badiger & Raghavendra R

 Reference management tools can be used not only for students and academics or teachers, but start-ups, SMEs, marketers, writers, bid-writers, publishers and research agencies. Basically, anyone who is doing research by reading a lot of content on a particular project or has to keep track of a number of citations and sources and needs to keep all the information and sources in one place. The study  discusses about the basics of Reference Management Tools followed by  definitions, core functions of RMT’s,  comparison with other reference management tools like Endnote, Mendeley and Zotero, and finally we discussed about the use of  Endnote in the R & D libraries.


Keywords: Reference Management Tools, Functions, Popular Tools, Comparison, Mendeley, Zotero, R & D Libraries.

crossref-logoDOI:  10.26761/IJRLS.3.2.2017.1263         DOI URL :