Public Libraries Contribution to Social Awareness And Political Developments: With Special Reference To Vellore District

Aariefa Basheer & K. Kaliyaperumal

This article highlights the Public libraries contribution to social awareness and political development in vellore district. The paper analyse the utilization of public libraries in five regions of vellore district. Research Design- A systematic questionnaire have prepared and data were collected directly from the concerned libraries. Objective of the  study is roles of their library for social awareness and political issues, developments and its helpfulness to aware of general knowledge, health and hygiene related issues, and the roles of the library for life-long learning, national integrity and continuing a non formal education. Findings from the study is more than 75 per cent respondents in all the libraries under study opined that their library is capable of providing state government news and the libraries under study invariably opined the  contributions of their libraries for knowing the below  said Political factors : Financial position of Central & State government along with Budgetary Information, Availability of  information on Union development activities, Central and State Government Information on Finance allocation and Ministers duties and powers. Awareness of particular politician, recent political developments of  Central and State Government. Suggestions – Enhancement of manpower with qualified library professionals are immediate need as well as provision of separate sections for the informal education aspirants in all the public libraries in India. Automatization and networking  of these libraries are difficult aspects, however, there is a need to revise a systematic plan for these purposes.

Keywords: Social awareness, political development and public library.

crossref-logoDOI: 10.26761/IJRLS.4.1.2018.1283          DOI URL:


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