Tamizhchelvan, M & Gopalakrishnan, S

 Citation frequency reflects the value of scientific publications. The cited papers were considered as Reach of the paper and uncited publications were considered as unreached publications. Measures of reach of scientific output were made using Reach percentage (RP); Reach Activity Index (RAI); Unreach/Reach Activity Index (URAI) and Unreach Activity Index (UAI). In order to identify the reach of the publications, the publications pertaining to Indian Institute of Management, Internationally renowned management institutions, were taken up for the study with the opinion that these publications were reached globally.  Therefore 13 IIMs faculty research publications were taken up for the study.  The data were collected from Scopus data base.  5755 publications were identified during the period of 1965 to 2018.  Out of 5755 papers, 3625 (63.0%) papers were cited where as 2130 (37.0%) were not cited.  It can be inferred that 63% of the IIM’s research publications were reached the users. RAI ranges between 0.65 and 1.08.  IIM- Rohtak was ranked first in the reach of their publications even the number of publications were positioned seventh place in total number of papers.  It is followed by IIM-C positioned second and IIM-B and IIM-A were positioned third even though the number of publications were more. 

Keywords: Indian Institute of Management; Reach Activity Index; Reach Percentage; Unreach/Reach Activity Index; Unreach Activity Index

crossref-logoDOI: 10.26761/IJRLS.4.2.2018.1293        DOI URL:


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