Electronic Theses &Dissertations in Indian University Libraries and National Level Repository: Positions and Challenges.

Nagesh Kumar

Indian universities play a vital role in generation and dissemination of knowledge by conductingresearch works and producing theses & dissertationsthat area unique source of information& knowledge. Every year, about8,00010,000 PhDs are being awarded in India. The purpose of these theses and dissertations are to provide an experience to students, researchers, scholars, which will be of enduring value tounderstanding how new knowledge is acquired and communicated within the required field. Those works contain valuable literature reviews and details on research, which are not generally made available elsewhere. The Indian theses and dissertations are faced with many problems like lack of systematic acquisition, lack of access, uncertain publication practice, enormous growth in the number of theses etc. In western countries, these problems were addressed already and serious attempts have been made to solve them. In North America, less than 5% of all accepted dissertations and masters’ theses are initially conceived of and executed as electronic documents.

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