Electronic Resources for University Library and Its Advantages

Mukul Bhardwaj and Swadesh Sharma

We are living in Digital Era,now availability of Electronic resource in academic Library is very common. Because the internet –in particular, the World Wide Web is rapidly Displacing the user of external storage media, such as floppy disks and CD-ROMs. Due to information revaluation the Digital Library are growing worldwide. The user need regarding electronic resource is increasing day by day, according to their academic requirement. This overview is weighted toward resources available on the internet. Also,this review is limited to resources that provide information that is not available in traditional media and that is associated with established scholars or institutions. This paper discuss the Types Advantages, Benefit of Electronic resources and utilize the maximum e-resources and give few suggestion for improvement of services of Eresources for the future need. Keywords: E-resources, Digital Libraries, Online Journal, Database.

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