Best Library Practices Used in Dadapatil Rajale College Library, Adinathnagar

Rajkumar P. Ghule

 This paper covers various library practices, services given to users by Dadapatil Rajale College Library, Adinathnagar. Library services are vital forces to achieve academic standards. Libraries are backbone system to every academic institution and they are support to teaching, research and learning systems.  The role o academic libraries in current scenario are important because most of the academic libraries have adopted ICT based services. The best practices will helps for improving quality o library services. This will create best image of the library in the society.  Aim of the research is to know the services of DPR College providing to users, and there satisfaction by library services. On one side technological changes have occurred and on other side various challenges are faced by the academic libraries.  This situation can be faced by using the best practices and user satisfaction is the central point of DPR College library service. For this purpose researcher has use survey method, discussed on various practices, which were very useful for library users.

 Keywords: Best library practices, Library services, Users, ICT, Librarian, DPRCollege library.

Cite This Article As:  Ghule, R. P. (2016). Best Library Practices Used in Dadapatil Rajale College Library, Adinathnagar. International Journal of Research in Library Science (IJRLS), 2(1), 178-181.

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