An Assessment of ICT Literacy Competencies among Research Scholars and Faculty Members of Science and Technology Departments in the Universities of Karnataka: a study

Prakash M. H.& B. U. Kannappanavar

The study assessed the ICT literacy skills among research scholars and faculty members in the fiend of Science & Technology in the Universities of Karnataka State. A questionnaire was used to collect the required data from the respondents in the Universities under the study.

The analysis of the collected data covers the respondents’ level of skills and knowledge in the use of Computer, Internet, Search engines and other ICT tools and applications in order to use ICT based resources and services in their University libraries. The study concludes that the respondents’ utilization of ICT based resources and services through ICT tools and applications was observed to be satisfactory, since both research scholars and faculty members have acquired basic level of literacy skills and confidence in the use of ICT tools and applications to accomplish their academic excellence in teaching and learning process.

Keywords: ICT, ICT Literacy, Assessment of ICT Literacy, ICT Proficiency, Digital Literacy