Pradeepkumar Chack , Ashvinkumar M Prajapati & Soham Trivedi

The present review focuses on difference and transformation of services from traditional library to modern library and how the concept of digital library has revolutionized the library sector using the tool of information and communication technology mainly the bar code technology. This is so as the utility of bar coding allows faster library transactions and is time-saving, and recently many computerized libraries across the nation are using this technology. The bar code technology operations of circulation section have become efficient and error free. However, all areas need to be covered and thus the present paper that highlights developments in libraries from traditional to modern era is critical. The review discusses about the modern day libraries and the librarians and new challenges faced by them in their daily activities in dissemination of information due to the changing scenario where information is available thought globe and also provides solutions. In conclusion, librarians need to reorient themselves, think creatively and adopt new technology skills to generate services and resources where their skills of structuring and organizing resources are put to its best use.  

Keywords: Traditional library, Modern library, Bar code technology, Computerized libraries, Service transformation, Digital library service.

Cite This Article As:  Chack, P., Prajapati, A. M., & Trivedi, S. (2017).  A critical review on conventional and modern library services. International Journal of Research in Library Science (IJRLS), 3(1), 145-149. www.ijrls.in

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